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How do I get my requests fulfilled faster?

The best ways to improve the speed in which your requests receive responses is to respond yourself, that is to say, make recordings and transcriptions for users learning your language. It's quite alright if a request has a recording, you can add another one which helps the other person learn the different voices of your language.

But what if your native language doesn't have many requests? In this case, it is acceptable to upload some text from your own language and record it yourself, or transcribe some audio or video that you request yourself. There are some users who like to search through the existing audio and script requests and your recording or transcription will help them and it will help your position in the queue.

Another effective tactic is to be social! Contact users who you have made recordings for if they speak the language you are learning and ask for help! You can also contact users who have made recordings for you in the past! Be polite, of course, and understanding if they are not able to help right away, but there is no harm in asking for help.

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