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How do I get more credits?

Credits can be acquired four ways:
  1. Purchase credit packs: This is the quickest way to get more credits. They can be purchased at
  2. Purchase a subscription: Subscribers gain credits every month. They also earn credits faster than non-subscribers when uploading recordings and transcribing. Subscriptions can be purchased at  
  3. Upload a recording: For non-subscribers, a credit is earned for every 3 recordings uploaded. Subscribers get a credit each time they upload a recording.
  4. Transcribe a script request: Every 200 words transcribed count the same as a recording towards earning credits. For non-subscribers, it takes 600 words transcribed to earn a credit. (Or for example, 2 recordings uploaded and 200 words transcribed would also earn a credit.) Subscribers earn a credit for every 200 words transcribed.
So then, how do you know how many more uploads you need to earn a credit?

Look for the two circles next to the Search box, like in the image below.

The first circle shows you how many credits you have now. The second circle shows how many uploads you need to earn another credit. Hovering your mouse cursor over these circles displays a box with more details.

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